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12 Art Feature~

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 1, 2013, 12:13 PM
Hello everyone, as you can see I will post 12 of my most favored and inspiring deviations from DA for :icongwendolyn12:'s 1000 points giveaway. I hope you take a look at these wonderful art :blowkiss:

1- Re-Imagine by yuumei by :iconyuumei:

I love the perspective of this picture so as its concept, it always inspires me to make life-related art :heart:

2-1000 W0RDS by yuumei also by :iconyuumei:

beautiful words accompanied by fabulous images and a touching history, definitely worth reading :iconrlytearplz:

3- -For everyone who loves to create- by projectTiGER by :iconprojecttiger:

This is the one story that truly made my heart touched and taught me a lesson I should never forget ;w; there was a time I was so depressed on why my drawings were always crappy and all and it sorta gave me depression, I even wanted to quit drawing, but when I saw this comic it surely gave me hope that one day I may improve and that I should probably stop comparing my drawings to others, because there is a difference when you compare a drawing made by someone who just started drawing a week ago with a drawing made by a professional artist.

4-Clubroom by StudioQube by :iconstudioqube:

First thing that caught my eyes into this deviation is that those three girls remind me so much of me and my friends and when I read the describtion I was like 'hell no! that is so just like me xD'. I also like the way the artist colored this pic and may I say the clubroom looks awesome ;D

5- by :iconclavies:

I love it! I love Levi! and I love how the artist drew him in this picture! :heart: the coloring, his mesmerizing eyes and everything else is wonderful, I can't take my eyes off of him *w*

6-ppg chapter 6 p24_25 by bleedman by :iconbleedman:

What can I say? it's been a long time since I've seen any Cartoon Network shows like: Dexter's laboratory, PPG, Samurai Jack and many more. This comic is a mix of almost every favorite cartoon show of mine mixed with a really nice story with a bit of comedy as well ;D I totally recommend you peeps reading it and his 'Grim Tales'

7-MC: I'm never ordering again by Endless-Rainfall by :iconendless-rainfall:

This is so like me and my friends xD 

8-ROKUNAMI: Charming Dew by annria2002 by :iconannria2002:

This is THE CUTEST COMIC EVaaaaaarrrhh :iconilavplz:

9-Naughty L by Celadoria by :iconceladoria:

I just couldn't resist, this is the most hilarious fanart of L I've seen so far and it never fail to make me laugh so hard no matter how many times I look at it xD

10- Hetalia Beautiful World Jackets by Cioccolatodorima by :iconcioccolatodorima:

Who agrees with me that this is EPICALLY AWESOME! their costumes and coloring are so asdfghj .... Except for America, his is just plain :/ still, awesome!

11-APH: What's your mood today? by xiaoyugaara by :iconxiaoyugaara:

What's your mood, love? :iconiggybrowsplz:

12-Rise of the Guardians by ColnChen by :iconcolnchen:

Epic collaboration by ColnChen and Scyao who made such a fabulous fanart of 'Rise of the guardians' by mixing their awesome talent in this pic :eyes:

- - - - - -

That's all for this journal :D Thanks for reading and looking through these deviations! I hope you all have a fantastic day :iconkissingplz:

Celadoria Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww you featured my L pic! I had no idea you liked it so much! Thank you so much lovey! :iconrubcheeksplz:
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